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Jennalis Informatique Inc

Jennalis develops custom software. A custom software is designed to meet only your need. You only pay for what is necessary, you are no longer cluttered with unnecessary functionalities, and the upgrading capabilities are unlimited.

Business needs are different for each company, a standard software cannot satisfy everyone, and encumbers the user with useless functionalities. Moreover the cost of licencing applications added to the cost of updating, represents a significant budget for the company. These licences are often very restrictive (one licence per " station"). It is impossible for you to modify a standard software, or to correct the bugs that it contains: you are entirely dependent on the software vendor.

Custom Software Development.

We create software solutions that meets your needs. Whatever your project is,we always attach importance in our developments to the following crucial.


Our first objective is security. This aspect often neglected by development companies but is nevertheless important in your entreprise. We take pride in achieving robust solutionscoupal with, flawless security. the skills and experience of our team in software security is out of the major force in our department.


A custom software saves you time because it corresponds exactly to your needs...provided it is reliable. If your sofware crashes you lose much more time than you will gain. Therfore Jennalis guarantees the delivery of software as reliable as possible, and will fix any bugs that may occur after delivery of the software, without any time limit and at, no additional cost.


We are not users of the software we develop. We are therefore entirely at your disposal in order to create the user interface that correspond to your business logic and, not the logic of our developers. Because a good tool is an easy to use tool.

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