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Jennalis Informatique Inc

The stages of your project by Jennalis.

You describe your project as you can imagine: its use, its mode of operation, its user interface.
Our team of engineers may be required to meet the employees of your company at different hierarchical levels, to integrate the logic and the organization of the company. Their expertise will help identify areas of improvement in computing, to make a gain in productivity.

Once all the necessary information for the project have been collected, the drafting of specifications can begin. It is structured in the following:

Software Specifications.

The first part describes as accurately as possible, the operation of the application. Each application functionality is described in detail.

Hardware Specifications.

These are the hardware resources needed to run the application. It involves defining the hardware requirements for each of the component application. For example:

¤ the client workstation and server machine in the case of a client / server, or the type of hosting in the case of an online application.

¤ The required operating system, or independence of it, in the case of a multi-platform.

¤ The network configuration and protocols required.

The deadline.

The better the specification is detailed, the more accurate our time estimate will be. We are committed to meet the given deadlines : it is part of our guaranty policy to our customer.

Once we receive your approval of the specifications, we then begin development.

Development Phase.

During the development period, we stay close to you. You have full access to the user interface on our site, to track the progress of your project, and contact us as you wish.

When enabling on the project arrive at an advanced stage, that it can be used (all features have been developed), we provide you with a pre-release version of the application, so you can verify the functionality as the specification documents, and send us your comments. Meanwhile, our developers start quality assurance testing.

Test phase.

We develop custom simulators to test your application in different conditions. Your application is then subjected to a batteries of test in normal and extreme usage. We check for instance the application responsiveness in case of overload or networks failure, and also we test security by simulating numbours cumpter and network attack.

During this phase the initial bugs are fixed, security is enhanced and the overall performance of the application is optimized.

This phase is essential when developing software. It ensures the delivery of a quality application thus reducing the effort required for the future maintenance of the software.

Delivery, integration and testing.

When the application is deemed ready to run, it is delivered, and installed in its working environment. At this stage let go over the application specifications, to verify that the application meets your requirements.

You can then start your own testing with a limited number of users.

Software Production.

Once the test are validated, the application can be put into production safely.

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